Official England Sports Tours, providing bespoke sports tours for clubs, schools, colleges and universities.

Planning the right tour is what we do best! We know from the experience of setting up and delivering tours for international teams, leading national schools and elite club teams that every detail is crucial.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that all essential details are correct – it’s the least you would expect before embarking on your sports tour – add to that insight, knowledge and a regular point of contact to answer any question means that you will be safe in the knowledge that we will be with you every step of the way.

We will take care of simple requirements like tour duration, party size and desired destination as well as more complex details like fixture creation, health and safety advice, accommodation, travel, insurance and fundraising tips. Our experts are on hand to provide the reassurance that every last detail is accounted for so you can simply get on and enjoy the tour.

A sports tour is about making friends and enjoying the experience; by planning well and letting our experts take the strain, you can concentrate on just having fun.

Speak to us on (0)1452 888656 or email us and we will help answer any query you may have so that you can get the touring experience you want right from the start.